Robert Davidson Composer


A collection of works making use of various experimental processes


A loop gradually grows from a blip into a two-bar pattern, piles up, then gets sucked back up into the blip.


A voicemail from Steve Reich is put through a rather Reichian process, gradually slowing down as loops move through it

David (concise version)

The voice of my young nephew is looped, each time adding a copy slightly late, until the layers create an array of resultant sounds and melodies.

No doubt

As Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott had few admitted doubts. HIs grooving words gradually smear into a chiming, swirling drone.


This piece plays with a bug in the operating system of the Ensoniq ASR-10 digital sampler. A randomly selected group of sampled recordings of speech, musical passages and single sounds are placed into the sampler's memory. In addition, a number of preset parametric processes are set up; the whole is then subjected to near-random processing due to the bug. The spectrogram shows some of the interesting patterns emerging from the parametric processes transformed by memory management bugs.